Our Products

Creamer Machine

PackMaster Cream Sandwiching Machine is capable of producing Biscuits (Round, Rectangle, Square etc) cream sandwiches at 600/700 sandwiches/minute/lane.

Receives sandwiches from PackMaster Cream Sandwiching machine, forms stack of predefined no of sandwiches, loads through “Top Transfer unit” & drops in to the “Flight Bar Conveyor” of PackMaster Wrapping Machine.

Automation by Schneider Electric

On-Edge Machine

This Machine is for packing Biscuits on-edge in Pillow pack.

The Biscuits are feed in Twin Chute feeding Magazines.

The Biscuit slugs are formed by Slug separation system for Biscuits standing on edge.

Automation by Schneider Electric

Family-Pack Machine

This Machine is for packing Biscuits on-edge in Multiple rows of biscuits, cookies, rusk, etc.

The Biscuits are feed in Magazine and biscuit slugs are separated by Auto-feeder for Formation of multiple rows.

Machine can also be equipped with row collation systems.

Automation by Schneider Electric

Canteen-Pack Machine

This Machine is for packing Biscuits in piles in Pillow Pack

The Biscuits are feed in Two Magazine provided on In-Feed.

Biscuits in piles, carried away by in-feed lugs are overwrapped by film at Forming Box

Automation by Schneider Electric

Auto-Feeder Machine

Stacker with Auto lane alignment system

Auto loader [Single & split type options]

Split or Adjustable type Autoloader

HFW machine with Multilane Auto-feeder

Secondary Wrapping Solutions

Secondary Pack Machine

Machine is provided with twin reel holder for wrapper reels and facility to correct lateral position of wrapper

Temperature control through PLC or PID

Machine stops always in open condition of end sealing jaws.

Arrangement given to adjust packet end sealing in synchronization with wrapper speed.

Arrangement for mounting coding unit +ve wrapper feeding Arrangement.

Packet length adjustment and print mark correction system on HMI.

Change over parts for additional varieties of product. (optional)